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About Rachel

You want results – a fulfilling life, fabulous relationships and a booming business. I can help you have it all! Keep reading to learn a little about me and why I know I can help you create your tailor made life and business!

As a certified professional coach, published author and spokesperson for empowering women, there’s one thing I’m sure of: EVERY woman is capable of actualizing her strengths, talents and desires in a way that makes her soul come alive.

Sometimes I stand in awe of my gorgeous family, adventurous lifestyle & financial freedom, and wonder –– How did I get here? Growing up in the concrete jungle of NYC, I dreamt of twinkling lights, red carpets and cristal-clinking galas. I thought I was destined for fame.

But a conversation at Footlocker changed everything. I was 16 when a co-worker said she was joining the Marine Corps. Even though I was 4’11, suffered from activity induced asthma and was athletically challenged (I was the girl who made excuses to get out of gym class), I wanted in!

As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. At 19, I enlisted in the Reserves. Four years later, I was deployed to Iraq.

After returning to the U.S., my journey took me from the audition rooms of LA (where I kept forgetting my lines) to scraping by on waitress tips to the prestigious boardrooms of Goldman Sachs. I found corporate America dull and Hollywood egocentric, so I went running back to my beloved Corps. Eighteen countries & four languages(ish) later, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life!

In 2006, I was stationed as a caregiver for wounded warriors at a hospital in Germany –– it changed EVERYTHING. Here I came to know men with missing limbs, gruesome burns and other life-altering conditions. Their positive determination to rebuild their lives forever changed my outlook –– life’s too short to continue living other people’s dreams.

I knew I wanted to combine my love of performance with my desire to change lives, but wasn’t sure how to do it. I also had a lot of debt ($40,000 to be precise), failed relationships and plain ole fear weighing me down. So, I invested in myself and hired a life coach to help me work through the sludge –– and it paid off!

Within ONE year (I kid you not) I got completely out of debt, met & married the man of my dreams and clarified my calling: empowering women to actively create their own lives. I don’t tell you this to brag –– today my life is far from perfect –– but to let you know YOU TOO can live your dreams. It all starts with a decision.

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